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Virginia A. French

Environmental Changes Are Fueling Human, Animal and Plant Diseases, Study Finds – Generic English

Connected media – Related media The loss of biodiversity played an especially large role in driving up disease risk, the researchers found. Many scientists have posited that biodiversity can protect against disease through a phenomenon known as the dilution effect. The theory holds that parasites and pathogens, which rely on having abundant hosts in order…

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Meta and Google Are Betting on AI Voice Assistants. Will They Take Off? – Generic English

Connected media – Connected media An older voice assistant like Siri, which reacts to a database of commands and questions that it was programmed to understand, would fail unless you used specific words, including “What’s the weather in New York?” and “What should I pack for a trip to New York?” The former conversation sounds…

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Google Unveils AI for Predicting Behavior of Human Molecules – Generic English

Connected media – Related media Artificial intelligence is giving machines the power to generate videos, write computer code and even carry on a conversation. It is also accelerating efforts to understand the human body and fight disease. On Wednesday, Google DeepMind, the tech giant’s central artificial intelligence lab, and Isomorphic Labs, a sister company, unveiled…

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